Ballpark Village


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Self-Parking is available 7 days a week.

Parking Locations

Self-Parking: Visitors who would like to self-park may enter the parking lot from Walnut Street.

Special Event / Game Day Parking Information

Please note that the below information is subject to change as it relates to price range and time frames during baseball games. Parking validations do not apply during Special Events.

Self Parking:
rates on these days range from $5-$50 and begin at 6am for games starting before 6pm or 1pm for games starting after 6pm.

Valet Parking: rates will be $10 higher than self parking prices.

*Check out Reserve Parking options here.
**Preselling times for events is subject to change without notice.

General Parking Information

Self Parking: 3 Hours of FREE parking if you park before 9pm, 7 days a week! *Validation is required. After three hours regular transient parking rates apply. Parking validation ticket must be obtained before 9pm.

Transient Parking Rates Explained:
$1 per 20 minutes (eligible for 3 hours of free parking with validations)
Early Bird Rate - $7 Monday - Saturday, In by 5am - 8:30am and Out by 2pm - 6pm.
Night Owl Rate - $6, 9pm - 6am
Daily Max $20

Valet Parking: available Friday-Saturday after 6pm.


MetroLink is a convenient alternative to driving.  Visitors may take a train to the Stadium Station located across the street from Ballpark Village.

*Rates and times subject to change

Overnight parking is prohibited and subject to a maximum daily rate of $16.
Lost ticket fee $32.

For questions or assistance with parking please contact St. Louis parking at 314-241-7777.